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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of data used to store information on web browsers. To provide a better user experience, our website uses cookies to retrieve identifiers on computers or any other devices connected to the Internet. In this policy, this kind of technology is called 'cookies'. Cookies will be activated once you use any services on the Transcribear tool. This policy explains how cookies are used on Transcribear and the choices you have.

Purposes of using cookies

Cookies are used to provide, protect and enhance the Transcribear Services. As we aim to constantly enhance the Transcribear Services, the cookies used on Transcribear may be updated from time to time. The main purposes of cookies can be categorized as the following:

• To verity users

If you have a Transcribear account, cookies are used to verify whether it is you who accesses the account. To be more specific, we use cookies to distinguish you from other registered users of our website. This way, cookies allow you to personalize the settings, and the website will remember your settings next time. If you forget your password, cookies also allow you to recover your account. Cookies will also keep you logged in when you navigate between the webpages on Transcribear so that you don't have to log in all the time.

• To provide a safer and more secure online environment

Cookies are used to keep any activities and data on Transcribear safe and secure. For example, cookies can help us identify and impose additional security measures if a malicious user attempts to access a Transcribear account without authorization by typing in different passwords in a short period of time. Cookies are used to tackle any activities that may violate our policies or undermine our ability to run the website properly. For example, to fight against spam and phishing attacks, we use cookies to detect if any unreasonably large numbers of Transcribear accounts are created by any computers.

• To provide better services

Cookies are used to help us better understand how people use the Transcribear Services so that users' experience can be enhanced. For example: cookies can help us find out how many people visited our website. Cookies are also used to support the facilities which allow the operations of Transcribear Services. For example, cookies are used to store your preferences (e.g. customized tags for data annotation) to provide you with personalized content and experiences.

Are any cookies set by other websites?

At this point, the only external cookies are from Google Analytics, which offers us statistics such as daily visits of the Transcribear website. To understand how Goole Analytics use cookies, please refer to their policies.

Cookie settings

You can change the use of cookies on a browser. Your browser should offer settings where you can choose whether to block the cookies and if you wish to delete them. For more information, visit your browser's help or support. Note that the Transcribear Services may not function properly if you block the cookies.

Updated on 28th September 2019