Principal investigator:

Dr. Yu-Hua Chen (School of English, UNNC, 2014-2019) (Coventry University, 2019-)

Yuhua has been working at the intersection of Corpus Linguistics, Language Testing and Assessment and Second Language Research for the past few years. She completed an MPhil degree in Applied Linguistics (a taught research degree) at the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Linguistics at Lancaster University. Yuhua has extensive experience working on the development and validation of language exams for various levels and purposes, including working for Pearson (London) as a Test Development Manager and for the Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC, Taiwan) as a Test Developer and Researcher. Her research has been published in top international journals including Applied Linguistics, English for Academic Purposes and Language Learning and Technology. She is leading on the CAWSE project in terms of corpus design and strategies.

Yuhua developed the Academic Collocation List with Kirsten Ackermann while working for Pearson. She is also one of the co-founders of Transcribear (an online transcription and annotation tool) with Dr Radovan Bruncak. The development processes of the above resources are documented in peer-review journals.

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