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Dr Yu-Hua Chen, Assistant Professor in the School of English, is now endeavoring to establish UNNC's first corpus of Chinese Academic Written and Spoken English (CAWSE) which can be used not only for researchers, but also for students to improve their academic English language skills. Dr Yu-Hua Chen believes this corpus can bridge the Chinese students and researchers to the International Academic World. Read the news article here repored by SouthEast Business Newspaper in China.


UNNC CAWSE corpus workshops

The CAWSE team organized two workshops at UNNC in March 2017. The workshops introduced:
1. What CAWSE can offer in terms of teaching, learning and research;
2. What data CAWSE has collected so far and what it will collect in the next few years;
3. How CAWSE data will be transcribed and accessed;
4. How multimodal data of CAWSE will be transcribed with the ELAN annotation software.

CAWSE Workshop

Poster presentation at the ICAME Conference

Dr Yu-Hua Chen presented a poster at the ICAME (International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English) conference in May 2017. Please see the conference poster here.

UNNC CAWSE/CELE induction workshop

The CAWSE team organized a CELE induction workshop at UNNC in September 2017. The workshop included an introduction to UNNC CAWSE and examples and feedback from pre-sessional classroom data collection in the summer of 2017. Interested participants and researchers were invited to contact the CAWSE team for future projects.

CELE Workshop  CELE Workshop

'Beyond Borders, Beyond Words': UNNC CAWSE Public Talks in March 2018

Beyond Borders, Beyond Words: Introducing A Multimodal Corpus of L2 Academic English UNNC CAWSE
The CAWSE team organized two public talks at UNNC in March 2018. In this talk, we:
1) provide updates of the CAWSE project in terms of its design and construction;
2) introduce a new online transcription and annotation tool 'Transcribear';
3) share preliminary findings of features in students' written and spoken performance;
4) describe how video recordings have been collected, processed, and analysed so far.

UNNC CAWSE presentation at the European Summer University

Dr Yu-Hua Chen made a presentation about CAWSE at the European Summer University in Digital Humanities 2018 in Leipzig, Germany. Please see the PPTs here.

Introducing Transcribear: UNNC CAWSE Workshop

Dr Yu-Hua Chen gave a research workshop to introduce a new online tool Transcribear she has developed, aiming to invite PhD candidates and academics, particularly those from FHSS, NUBS or CELE who use audio/video recording data for their research.
Venue: Computer lab PB119
Date & time: Monday 10th December, 4:00-5:00pm.

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